Here to Help Support Children, Youth & Families through Online Counselling Support and Play Therapy in British Columbia, Canada,

Hi! I am Dallas Shirley, a mom, partner, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, BC Registered Play Therapist (BCRPT) through the BC Play Therapy Association, and I would love to work with you and your family!

Since 2004, I have been dedicated to learning about and working in the helping field; focused on helping to support families with grief and loss through specialized training and almost two decades of either volunteering in or working at hospice organizations such as Kamloops Hospice Association, Chilliwack Hospice Society, Abbotsford Hospice Society, and Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. In that time, I have had the honour of working alongside over 1,200 children, youth, and adults.

Small toys throwing a beach ball with emotion words written in the ball

I now have the honour of not only continuing to work with Kamloops Hospice Association as their Children’s Services Coordinator, but also working with children, youth, adults, and families through online counselling and play therapy allowing families to access support from the comfort of their homes. I am so excited to get to connect with people from all over BC and especially to be able to provide support to those in communities where there are not always options for support that specializes in grief and loss.

Although I have worked alongside many bereaved families who have experienced the death of someone in their lives, I also help support those who are dealing with other types of grief. There is grief and loss in many parts of life.

Toy standing by themselves in front of a tree with other toys sitting together in the background

Maybe you or your family have lost relationships, experienced loss from a move or have had to change schools/jobs. Perhaps you or your family are mourning the loss of dreams that you had that did not come true or a life you once had that is now forever changed.

Grief changes shape, but it never ends.”

Keanu Reeves

Feelings of grief do not go away with time. They can change. They can shift. It is about how you would like to process your thoughts and feelings about your grief and loss that can create hopefully helpful shifts in your life.

My hope is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to process your thoughts and feelings in whichever ways feel most helpful for you whether that would be making art, creating stories, scrapbooking, writing music, or talking.

Grief is profound and a very real part of our lives. My goal is to provide a safe space to process your family’s thoughts and feelings of grief, loss, anxiety, anger, shame, love, frustration, joy, or any other feeling you can think of. As we work together we will find healthy ways to express those feelings.

2 toys holding up a large heart with 2 toys sitting in front of it. Toy tools in front with polar bears in a snowy scene

What my colleagues and supervisors have to say.

Johanna, Registered Clinical Counsellor, BC Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, Certified Synergetic Play Therapy™ Supervisor

“Dallas is a counsellor who is very sensitive to the needs of the children she works with. She has a wonderful ability to connect with children and they feel comfortable around her. I wouldn’t hesitate to have my own children work with Dallas”

Tammy, Youth Counsellor

“Dallas’ genuine care and outstanding skill set make her an invaluable asset to the youth-serving community. She excels at connecting with and holding space for the young people she is honoured to walk alongside. I recommend her to any caregiver hoping for a safe and welcoming space for their young person to express and be heard.

Jen, Palliative & Bereavement Services Manager, Chilliwack Hospice Society

“Dallas’ passion for her work shines through in her presence with clients. She is thoughtful and deliberate in her approach, tenderly helping children and youth navigate grief and loss, supporting them as they emerge into new understanding and growth.”

If you are interested in online child counselling, youth counselling, or family counselling support, connect for a free 15-minute phone consultation. This phone call will give you the opportunity to learn more about me to see if I will be a good fit to help provide support.

Descriptive Text for the above Infographic “Did You know? Approximately 1 in 14 children will experience the death of a parent or sibling by the time they turn 18.” 14 people with one a lighter shade of green.
“There are Many More Who Have Experienced the Death of Someone they know. Such as a Teacher, a Coach, a Friend, a Family Friend, an Uncle, an Aunt, a Grandparent, a Cousin, a Classmate, and/or a Neighbour.” A broken heart in different shades of green.
“However, They May be the only ones who have experienced a death in their friend group, in the classroom, or on their Team.” Two swings with one person on one swing.
“Grief groups can be so helpful in creating a space where they can feel less alone.” Three people with their arms around each others’ shoulders.
“If they are not quite ready for a group, or would like extra support, it might be helpful to reach out to a children’s counsellor or Play Therapist that specializes in grief support.” A play button.