Here are some coping activities you can try on your own or with others who care about you. These videos were made for adults to help support children in processing thoughts and feelings. However, from young to old; children to grown-ups, these activities can be useful for people of all ages. Hope you find them helpful.

Super Muscles Exercise
This is a super fun Progressive Muscle Relaxation for both young and old. Get silly! Get goofy! Make it your own 🙂 This exercise can help relax our bodies which can help relax our brains.

Skittles Sharing
If skittles is your thing (like it is mine) and you like to talk about feelings, then this is the game for you. The best part, other than eating Skittles, is you can play this game with friends, family, or others you trust. It could be a fun family game to play for dessert one night. Enjoy!

This fun and interactive game can be played together with friends, family, or anyone else that supports you in your life. Sometimes it can be lots of fun to talk about our feelings together.

Unhelpful Thoughts Box
Sometimes the worst part about struggling with a problem is the super unhelpful thoughts that can get in our way. One way to train your brain to problem solve faster, simpler, and calmer, is by getting rid of your stinking thinking and replacing unhelpful thoughts with helpful thoughts. Remember: PRACTICE MAKES… MUCH MUCH BETTER. Every time you replace an unhelpful thought with a helpful thought, you train your brain and reprogram it to become a much better buddy for you as you tackle the tough stuff.

The Best Place EVER!!! Painting
Think of a place that you feel safe… a magical place… a place you feel completely at peace with pure joy.

What does it look like? A forest? A beach? A pool full of Skittles?

What would you want it to sound like? Ocean waves? Soft piano? Horses trotting?

What would you want it to smell like there? Lavender? Tangerines? Peppermint?

What are the most comfortable things that you can think of to touch that would be awesome if they were there? Soft pillows? Cozy sweatpants? Cuddly animals?

What tastes would you hope would be there? Skittles (that grow on trees)? Salad? Mint chocolate chip ice cream on top of a fresh chocolate-dipped waffle cone?

Sounds good to me! And so does painting. Try this fun painting activity to focus on the wonderful things that bring you joy.