Over the years, I have presented for community members, counselling organizations, school districts, post-secondary schools, local hospices, the BC Play Therapy Association, and the BC Bereavement Helpline on supporting children dealing with grief. I was also honoured to be a guest speaker on the Grief Dreams Podcast talking about my experience working with children and grief. Through these opportunities providing workshops and presentations for adults on how to help support children dealing with grief and loss and I noticed something interesting…

The feedback I received from workshop participants was that it was surprisingly helpful to process their own thoughts and feelings about death and dying through the playful art they created often in memory of their loved ones.

My favourite part of putting on workshops and presentations is making them as experiential as possible so people can hopefully, more easily, remember what they learned about supporting children with grief and loss. All participants get to try art and play activities and experience what it might be like for the children they are helping support.

Here are some of the wonderful organizations and topics that I have had the honour to present.

Supporting Children with Grief – The Counselling Group (White Rock, BC)

Supporting Children with Grief – Adler University

How to Help Support Children with Grief & Loss – Kamloops Hospice Association

Bibliotherapy: How to Help Support Children Dealing with Difficult Issues – BC Play Therapy Association

Two-Day Children’s Grief Group Facilitator Training – BC Bereavement Helpline

Grief Support for School-Aged Children – Surrey School District

Two-Day Children’s Grief Group Facilitator Training – Abbotsford School District

How to use Play, Art, and Bibliotherapy to Support Children with Grief – Chilliwack Hospice Society

Supporting Children: Grief & Loss– Abbotsford Hospice Society

How to Help Support Children with Grief & Loss – Abbotsford School District

Teen Training: Supporting Children with Grief & Loss– Chilliwack Hospice Society

The Playful Art of Supporting Children Dealing with Difficult Issues – Abbotsford Hospice Society

How Play and Art can Support Children with Grief – Vancouver Community College

The Practical Application of Play Therapy in Children’s Counselling – Chilliwack Child & Youth Committee conference

Introduction to Play Therapy – Deltassist Family & Community Services

Attachment – Deltassist Family & Community Services

Building Trust and Attachment and Enhancing Self-Esteem – Deltassist Family & Community Services

The Use of Play Therapy in a Children’s Grief Groups – Deltassist Family & Community Services

Bereavement Support for Clients of All Ages – Deltassist Family & Community Services

If you or your organization are interested in having me provide an online workshop, presentation, or webinar please reach out to connect.