Cost: The cost is 130$ +GST per session.

Cancellation Policy: The hope is you provide 24-hours notice except in an emergency. If you do not provide 24-hours notice, the full session fee will apply as a late-cancellation fee and will be owed before the start of the next session.

Funding Options: Here is information and links for you to find out more about what funding options may be available to you.

You may be covered for a percentage of funding under your extended health benefits. Please be sure that your benefits cover a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). If they do not, you may request your human resources department to adjust their coverage, often at no additional cost to them.

I am registered to be a service provider with:

Additionally, there is funding available through grants by:

Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity Society

“The Charlene Reaveley Children’s Charity offers 100% funded counselling sessions for both children and their immediate family members after children have experienced the loss of an immediate family member. ”